Monday, January 27, 2014

Old Stuff

I'm going through some old files in search of an article on the subject of moral boundaries. Specifically when is an armed uprising morally necessary.

So far I found the following piece. I submitted it to editor Steven M. Barry (a.k.a. J.F.A. Davidson) for publication in The Resister. But SMB always had something better to publish. And the assumption at the time I wrote it was that Big Bubba was going to be the chief enemy. This still applies to The Big Zero.


After months (or more likely years) of fighting, the beltway brigands declare that they are seeking a negotiated settlement to the Second Civil War.

After they make the usual noises about "power sharing" arrangements, etc., etc., the head of our delegation answers thus:

What we want from you Bill is this; You and your underlings will formally resign from office , you will surrender all claims of authority over the citizens and territory of the United States, you will go into exile, and under no circumstances will you establish or support the establishment of a quote, government in exile, close quote. You and your followers will take your offshore bank ATM cards and go. And please take the First Bitch with you.

In effect, the enemy is offered conditional amnesty.

The point in favor of such a deal is that we cut our own losses in blood and treasure.

The points against are, firstly, while the deal is expedient, it is fundamentally unjust. The individuals responsible for the subjugation and slaughter of American citizens (the Waco massacre, etc.) are basically getting away scot-free.

The second point against it is that it is contrary to the nature of the beast we are facing. Although the deal allows the enemy to take their loot with them, plunder (on the part of the leadership) was not their primary goal, unrestrained power over us is. The apparent governing principle of (to name an example) Clinton's behavior in public office is L'Etat cest Moi, literally; "The State, that's Me". The leader is held to be synonymous with the state, opposition to malfeasance on the part of the leader is treated as anti-government hatred, in effect as nothing less than treason. Clinton's consistent answer to criticism of his actions has been to defame his victim's

The fundamental problem with the enemy is that they value power. Loot has always been a secondary issue for them. It is their lust for power that is currently driving their efforts to silence and disarm the People. And it is these efforts that will ultimately bring about the revolution that will destroy them.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Life Program

I now have a clear platform.  I wrote this response to Green activists being what they are in England.

The Life Program is easy to understand.  The Human Life is where persons with active rational minds are by right are free to use their knowledge to create real things of value for themselves in the real world.  Real Governments are established to protect people on the Life Program.

Any questions

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


On my primary blog I have made an announcement:

As I write this a full moon is setting to the west.

A friend recently suggested that I stand for the office of President of the United States.  After giving the concept some thought I have decided to do so.

My fundamental goal as President will be to restore complete compliance of the Federal Government to the Constitution and the complete sovereignty of our nation with respect to the transnational order.

And I fully look forward to interaction with the Fourth Estate:

Reporter: Mr. Bates, how do you as a Christian Conservative justify your opposition to Social Justice?

Candidate LB: Good question.  Have you thought of asking an actual Christian Conservative?

Reporter: What?

Candidate LB: I stopped believing in the Western Monotheist Tradition over four decades ago.  I have made no secret of my disbelief since that time.  Even when I enlisted in the United States Army during the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

In light of this answer the reporter would have to engage in actual thought in order to respond.

Regardless of the outcome I fully expect to have fun.   
I have not had this level of emotional uplift since I uploaded the first issue of The Resister on the talk.politics.guns newsgroup and every bulletin board I could log on to.

This will be one Hell of a run.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thought For The Day

The first time I heard the term “dickhead” was during infantry basic training at Fort Benning. At the time I identified it as a distinctly Army term for a distinctly Army phenomena. An example of a dickhead is Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bateman, someone who clearly does not understand the United States Constitution and his role and limitations as a commissioned officer.

In an opinion piece published in Esquire [LINK HERE] he clearly demonstrates his ignorance of the proper meaning of the Second Amendment and declares his willingness to obey orders to murder American Citizens:
We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers.


What Bateman as a REMF* academic who has failed to understand is that the Second Amendment is not about sporting use or even self defense against violent criminals. The Second Amendment is an integral component of the Bill of Rights, which in turn clearly defines the relationship between the People of the United States and the Federal Government. The People are the political authority of the nation. And the Federal Government serves The People.**

A very fundamental failure on the part of Bateman is his apparent belief that his subordinates will simply follow orders without thought. The fact is that American soldiers do think. And they do act on the facts of reality they have identified. Alvin York and Audie Murphy did not receive the Medal of Honor for simply following orders. Both men identified the actions that were necessary on the field of battle and carried them out.

If Bateman, a socialist in our uniform, were to issue the order the real soldiers will identify him as a traitor and murderer and air him out.

I prefer one round in the head in the old Soviet style for that sort of action.

*. Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. Another distinctly military term.

**. Or we could say that The People rule and the government drools.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dead Savage

Ayn Rand was once asked if it was better to submit to Communism or to die.  She answered that it was to better to see the Reds dead.

I had to completely agree.

It has come to my attention that a famous Communist Stooge and all around waste of matter and energy has finally descended to ambient temperature.  Of course The Big Zero will shortly release a statement about how he -- the occupant of the White House -- was so utterly wonderful.  As The Big Zero has clearly demonstrated, the idea that anyone could achieve anything is completely alien to him.

If by reading this you have concluded that I’m using this opportunity to show off my skill at writing sarcasm, you’re right.

The Communist Stooge only reached ambient temperature not because of the life support system that he was privileged to be hooked up to, but because the last real government of the Republic of South Africa failed to do it’s job.  The fact was that the Communist Stooge was an enemy of Civilization and Humanity in General.  The Communist Stooge should have been put to death upon identification. 

Instead he was imprisoned.  While in prison the Communist Stooge carried out a campaign of coercion through guilt with the tactic of the hunger strike.  Again the government failed to properly correct the situation.  At the start of the hunger strike the Communist Stooge should have been executed.  Thus ending the otherwise pathetic attempt at coercion.

Instead the Communist Stooge became a celebrated cause for useless idiots around the world.  The sale of military equipment needed to fight the ongoing Communist insurgency and other forms of lawful trade were embargoed by the United Nations Organization.  To the everlasting shame of our nation the United States Government participated in the embargo of the Republic of South Africa. 

When the last real government fell to savages the Communist Stooge was granted power that he was neither entitled to nor fit to exercise. 

At this point some readers would conclude that I’m a racist.


I am a member of the Human Race.  As such I will not submit to the rule of a mindless racially based mob simply on the base of a majority vote.  Reality is real and no number of ballots will ever change that.  Solidarity to what are actually sub-groups within the Human Race is a clear rejection of reason and is not a valid option.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


David Horowitz has his own view of the Communist Stooge.  He's not nice about it.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Question Of The Day

Why is the United States Army and Marine Corps still deployed in Afghanistan?

It's very clear to a rational observer that The Big Zero is sympathetic to Islam.  And that he is very sympathetic to the most consistent practitioners, and thus murderous believers, of this clearly false religion.  There is simply no point in continuing this operation.

 A possible answer is that a Soldier or Marine deployed anywhere outside the continental United States (CONUS) will not be able to uphold his oath of enlistment and participate in the overthrow of the current Neo-Communist regime.  A Soldier or Marine who is isolated in Afghanistan would simply be stuck in place, unable to intervene.  This is particularly true in the cast of members of elite formations such as the Special Forces.  The Special Forces Underground was established under the less tyrannical conditions of the Clinton Administration.  I would not at all be surprised if a similar organization was in place at this very moment.

(And if it is, they would not contact me as I should have been under surveillance for nearly two decades, now.)

The fact of the matter is that The Big Zero does not trust anyone in the Armed Forces.  The ongoing purge of flag and general officers and the complete disarmament of personnel on base and on duty is a clear indication of this.

(Seriously?  Removing bolts from rifles while on parade?  Paranoid are we, Zero?)

What are your questions on this?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Munich II

I could start out by quoting George Santayana, but those of us who actually perceive and think already know the statement.

History is being repeated and we are condemned to witness it.

The fundamental problem with Barack Obama and those who aid and support him is that they see themselves as exempt from the reality that we perceive and understand.  The history of errors made by the Progressive movement is absolutely meaningless to them.  The wave of destruction and the death toll is completely blanked out.

Because of his deliberate inattention to history the sitting president had decided to repeat one of the greatest blunders of the last century.  The Munich Agreement of 1938 allowed a totalitarian state to proceed with their program of empowerment and aggression.  This in turn would lead to the most devastating war in recorded history.  The current agreement with Iran will allow the Iranian state to construct nuclear weapons and use them in their program of aggression.  This in turn will result in a far more devastating world war fought with chemical and nuclear weapons.

And there may not be someone left alive to record the history.