Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Hard Truth

Those who stand up for Liberty are called Conservatives and those who oppose Liberty called Liberals, this is nothing but Newspeak.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

There have been numerous calls by folks on The Left for the suspension of elections or for other deliberate acts of dictatorship.

I will start my response to these ideological emissions with something that was published in the original dead tree edition of The Resister:

Humanity is not merely a physical condition, it is a state of mind. To be human is to be essentially rational and productive. The human mentality (or soul) looks upon the world, the land, the animals and plants, the natural forces, as things to be mastered for the benefit of himself and his posterity. On the other hand, the predator, or savage mentality does not seek to to master the world, but to be the master of men. The savage prefers not to sustain himself by his own effort, but to seize and consume the lives and property of others for material and spiritual sustenance. To the predator, justice consists of "getting away with it" -- those who rightfully resist the predator are to be punished or destroyed.

-- Leslie Bates, The Resister, Vol VI, N. 1, Page 42

While I am an atheist I will say this, the Monotheist doctrine that is the center of Judaism and Christianity holds that all human beings are more that mere animals and that each person in charge of and responsible for themselves.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Truth

Once force is openly used against those who speak out against the Left then the gloves will come off and force WILL be openly used against the Left. Once the Left openly repudiates the rules for living in a civil society then their victims will no longer see themselves as subject to those same rules.  Or to put it another way to the Left, break the rules of civil society and you will leave us no choice but to break you.

It's called a civil war. And cars with bumper stickers, tee-shirts, and other examples of open posturing will make target identification very easy.

What part of "Liberty or Death" does the Left persist in not understanding?

It is generally considered to be bad form to advocate violence against someone simply because of their political views. But if some Leftist thug finds himself staring at the muzzle of a rifle it is because the stupid Leftist put himself there.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Problem of Islam

Is there a solution to the problem of Islam short of a Final Solution?   The doctrine of Islam denies all of the Rights of Man including the Right of Life.  Given that Muslims are required to act as the mortal enemies of Mankind there are no middle grounds under which a peace can be negotiated with any of them.  In the end the practice of Islam must be removed from existence altogether.

Even if Muslims are not exterminated altogether they must be removed from rationally functioning human societies.  Those who deny the Rights of Man cannot live in a rational Human Society based on those rights.  Therefore Muslims have no place in a rational Human Society in and must be expelled from it.  Under no circumstances will any attempt be made to comply with any part of the Islamic code of law, including the dietary code.  If for example the least expensive food available to feed the Muslims in temporary detention before deportation is pork then it will be used.  If Muslims insist on complying with the false dietary laws and starve to death as a result then it’s their fault alone and their fault alone.

Can any of the children be saved?  That's a good question.  Certainly those children who haven’t experienced full indoctrination to Islam could be separated and assigned to voluntary foster parents.  As to other children who have been indoctrinated I have no information to come up with a sound theory of action.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thought For The Day

Damned Fool: Someone who denies reality and complains they can't get a job in the real world.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


On this day 70 years ago the first operational nuclear weapon was used against a nation that initiated a war against the United States and I fully expect the current occupant of the White House to openly condemn this morally necessary action.