Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rant of the Day

Charles Johnson, the master of Little Green Footballs, is apparently appalled that Rush Limbaugh made the suggestion that a professional Enemy of Human Kind should commit suicide.

Part of what Mr. Limbaugh said was:

The environmentalist wackos are the same way. This guy from The New York Times, if he really thinks that humanity is destroying the planet, humanity is destroying the climate, that human beings in their natural existence are going to cause the extinction of life on Earth — Andrew Revkin. Mr. Revkin, why don’t you just go kill yourself and help the planet by dying?

Comrade Revkin has suggested that us mere mortals should voluntarily limit our reproduction in order to limit the emission of carbon dioxide by human beings. (Never mind the fact that carbon dioxide is a natural component of the terrestrial atmosphere whose quantity has been discernibly decreasing over the course of geological time.)

But because rational persons, who naturally refuse to believe the nonsense emitted by environmentalists, will not voluntarily limit the number of children they have -- so that a bunch of moral parasites can feel good about themselves -- there will be open calls for limitation of "breeders" by force. This will be followed, by those true believers in power, by the actual exercise of force to control breeding, through forced abortions and sterilization. Which in turn will be followed by the elimination of those "breathers" who are deemed by Environmentalist Elites (the Elect of Gaia, as it were) to be useless or "counter-environmental."

The nice words for this are subjugation and murder.

We should not be the slightest bit surprised that the Environmentalists will join the ranks of the mass-murderers because they, like the socialists that they evolved from, basically see productive humans as livestock to controlled and used. They see us creatures without a right to live.

There's a proper term for those who deny your Right of Life, they are properly called mortal enemies.

Charles Johnson has decided to hang with the Enemies of Mankind. He shouldn't be the slightest bit surprised when he is hanged with them.

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Update at 1715 CDT:

Apparently I beat Mr. Limbaugh to the thought two years earlier:

Actually there's one more thing this depraved bitch could do to reduce her impact on her beloved Gaia. Kill herself. It's not like she has a real conscience and therefore a functional soul. She's already Darwined herself.

Any questions?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Horror Quote

Recently, before I was blocked from posting at Little Green Footballs, I made a humorous comment. It went like this:

The difference between a Fascist and a Leftist is that one of them has a clean uniform.

In reality both the Fascisti (and their ideological kin the National Socialists) and the self-styled Progressives of all eras share the same fundamental central idea, a belief in the Primacy of the Parasite. A belief that treats the ordinary person as a tool to be used, with the product of their labor treated as the property of the collective which in turn is distributed in accordance to those needs which are identified by the leaders of the collective. And as a rule the needs of the leadership, which is in reality a wish list, take precedence over the actual needs of the productive class. (Or perhaps we should describe the productive class as a caste.)

Because willful parasitism is distinctly different as a mode of existence from that of being a rational and productive man, this leads to distinct differences in how parasites answer moral and political questions.

Where rational men prefer to deal with each other through explicit consent the parasite must take what it needs through coercion, either by fraud or by open force. (And the admitted crimes of Roman Polanski weren't even in mind when I started writing this particular rant.)

Because the parasite must control the productive population it must claim, always fraudulently, a superior status over their victims (Oops! There's Roman Polanski (and his defenders) again!) and must possess complete control over them. This means that the parasites conception of law and justice (when they bother to think at all) is essentially the opposite of that of rational men.

Justice to a parasite is simply getting away with the parasitic mode of existence. Crime is simply any resistance, regardless of intent or degree, to the actions of the parasite. And laws are simply an excuse to carry out punitive violence against the producers.

The parasites in their delusion of superior status are tempted to feel that the ordinary productive person is nothing more than an animal. And because they usually succumb to this temptation they usually seek to control the external stimuli that ordinary humans experience and thus control the behavior of those they have deemed to be livestock. Thus the establishment of the Reichsministry of Culture by the German state under the NSDAP. And also recent effort of American Progressives to censor talk radio and the internet in order to reestablish the primacy of the Progressive ideological clique that effectively controls the mainstream media.

Of course the control of external stimuli doesn't work with rational men.

When the attempt to control by fraud doesn't work the parasites have no alternative but to use open force.

To the parasites the active consciousness of the rational man is not a normal state but is instead a sign that there is something wrong. Those who do not obey the self-appointed shepherds are looked upon as diseased animals. Something that must be destroyed before they infect the entire herd. The systematic murder of whole populations is looked upon not as a mass crime but as a moral necessity in the parasite's view.

So it is not a surprise to me to find that some believers in the Primacy of the Parasite who presently reside here in the United States (I won't call them Americans) are now calling for the murder of those who refuse to submit to the rule of the parasite master caste.

A case in point is that uberparasit from Minnesota, Garrison Keillor. Were it not for that tax-fed pig-sty known as "public radio" this walking waste of mass and energy would not exist at all. It would actually be reasonable to identify him as a talentless and tedious bore. And being not a typical parasite, but a full-blown archparasite, he of course has the usual parasite view of those who rationally refuse to support his mode of existence. He calls them evil.

And now he is calling for their murder through the apparatus of the state:

...one starts to wonder if the country wouldn't be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.

In other words, why waste resources on diseased animals?

Steve Barry, the editor and publisher of The Resister once told me that we as political writers have to dehumanize our opponents. I disagreed. My reply was that as a result of what our opponents choose to believe and how they choose to act they have dehumanized themselves.

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