Thursday, April 26, 2012

Falsehood And Factual Response Of The Day

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Let me ask, how through the act of objective observation, is someone able to discover that a Democrat is lying? The answer is very simple, one observes that the Democrat's lips are moving or the fingers are in contact with the keyboard.

Today's falsehood is brought to us by the chairman of the Democratic Party in the state of Oklahoma.

“I certainly stand by my remarks, because it's widely known that McVeigh was anti-government. I think that he was a right-winger, and I think the current tea party people, while I'm not saying that they're proposing violence, they're anti-government,”

-- Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins*

I'm not really sure where or how I should begin to reply to this bit of nonsense. This statement is just so wrong on so many levels.

But let's begin with the fact that McVeigh was a white racial collectivist. This is nothing new in the American political scene as President Woodrow Wilson was himself a white racial collectivist. Amongst his first actions in office as president was to fire every African-American employee of the federal government. President Wilson also voiced his approval of the white racial propaganda film The Birth Of A Nation.

President Wilson also practiced one of the other annoying habits of collectivist political leaders, the conscription of male citizens in order to intervene in a foreign war. In this case the slaughter festival that was going on in Europe at the time.

Let me put it this way, if he were alive today, I believe that President Woodrow Wilson would not be a member of the Tea Party.

Comrade Collins also claims that the Tea Party movement is against the government. To any rational observer this appears to be incorrect.

The Tea Party Movement, which includes members of all races, is acting through legal means to bring the apparatus of the federal government into full compliance with the United States Constitution. McVeigh, on the other hand, was openly advocating the overthrow of the federal government as part of the white warrior martyrdom fantasy that he was living out.

And what can I say about the inspiration of that white warrior martyrdom fantasy, that piece of ideological and literary excrement known as The Turner Diaries?

The novel, if I recall reading it correctly, depicts the conquest and subjugation of the white population of the United States by a self appointed elite group that called itself "The Order." All non-whites, including Jews, were exterminated. Any white person who refused to obey The Order was executed as a race traitor. The actions of The Order as depicted in the novel were very much like the practice of Islam without the claim of divine sanction. Unlike today's political Right, but like all known collectivists, such as the National Socialists of Germany, The Order rejected all of the Rights of Man and killed anyone who served no place in their collective.

Fortunately, I read it on a website where the text was posted.** So apart from the fee for Internet access, I didn't have to pay a cent to read it. I would later describe the experience of reading it as being the intellectual equivalent of the act of swimming in raw sewage.

Before he committed his collectivist atrocity, McVeigh was also ejected from a meeting of the Michigan Militia.

Before I began my association with The Resister, I was actively corresponding with the founder of the Michigan Militia, the Reverend Norm Olson, and had accepted an invitation to attend a militia meeting.***

Like the members of the Tea Party a generation later, the members of the militia wanted to the see the federal government return to compliance with the Constitution. But the members of the militia were also preparing to defend themselves and their families from further acts of state terror after the Waco Massacre.

The fact of matter was that the Massacre of the Branch Davidians outside of Waco was completely unnecessary.

The U.S. Army rifle platoon I trained with in 1982 could have secured the structure without killing any of the children or the elderly adults. Yes it was possible that some of us actual soldiers could have been wounded or killed in the action. But that's part of the hazards of the job.

What the so called Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI did to was to inject into the building several tear gas cannisters. These cannisters emitted a gas that was both toxic to unprotected children and elderly adults, and which served as an accelerant for a larger fire in the structure. The tear gas cannisters also served as the source of the fire which ultimately consumed the structure and those living in it. The HRT also used the armored engineer vehicles they were issued to destroy the exits to the structure, thus effectively preventing the escape of the inhabitants.

The massacre of the Branch Davidians was a deliberate act of state terror which was carried straight out of the collectivist ruler handbook. The purpose was to demonstrate to all the consequences of disobeying the collectivists who then occupied the White House.

Whereas the members of the Tea Party are clearly on the Libertarian side of the political aisle, Comrade Mcveigh, as well as Comrade Collins and the current occupant of the White House are firmly seated on the Collectivist side of the aisle.

* Quite frankly, I find it difficult to believe that the Democrats in the state of Oklahoma are anything more than a bunch of raving loonies meeting in the back room of a leather bar, given the history of that state.

** The website and text is gone now. I think this is somewhat unfortunate because I believe that no rational person should have to pay a cent for the privilege of reading a book that calls for their own murder.

*** I was actually the best equipped person to show up at that meeting.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remember Waco

Once again we come to an anniversary.

Nineteen years ago an agency of the Federal Government carried out an act of state terror.

In plain view of the very compliant mainstream media the so-called Hostage Rescue Team carried out a deliberate lethal force assault on the residence of the Branch Davidians outside of Waco, Texas.

Having left the task of sorting out the innocent and helpless women and children to God, the HRT executed an assault plan that would effectively wipe the Branch Davidians off the face of the Earth. The few adults who did survive were subsequently prosecuted and imprisoned by the Federal judicial apparatus as directed by attorney general Janet Reno.

The deliberate massacre of the Branch Davidians served as a demonstration of what the Marxist leadership of the Democratic Party was willing to do to those who opposed it.

To this day the "intellectual" partisans of the Democratic Party continue to deny responsibility for the deliberate act of mass murder perpetrated by their own leadership. Much as the fellow travellers of the Communist movement denied the crimes of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

One such person writing in a forum on the Huffington Post, an intellectual cesspit akin to the propaganda agencies of the former Soviet State, having read a previous posting on this subject on this site, declared the author of the post to be "doofus" and that the Branch Davidians were solely responsible for their own destruction.

The fact that a Federal agency initiated the sequence of events. And the fact that the HRT declined to carry out the type of rescue operation, for which they were allegedly established and trained to carry out, in favor of a total lethal force action, were simply blanked out of the alleged mind of the commenter.

The Democratic Party continues to treat this atrocity as a valid act of government and thus continue to act as accessories after the fact to the crime.

I will have more to say concerning the epistemological cause of this pattern of behavior at a future date.

No effort has been made by the subsequent Republican administration to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice. This constitutes valid grounds for being properly ashamed of being a supporter of the Republican Party.

The following article was electronically published on the LIBERNET Mailing List in 1993. I'm republishing it here for the benefit of those readers who aren't read in as to why I morally condemn the Democratic Party and those who willingly support them.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Message

The novels 1984 and Atlas Shrugged were written as warnings to Humanity. Not as instruction manuals for enemies of Mankind.

'Atlas Shrugged': A How To Manual for the Obama Administration?