Monday, November 22, 2010

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

This one comes from Varmint at ATTACK CARTOONS:

Well, If I recall correctly, Mr. Orwell never did say anything about what the comrades in the Inner Party did for fun. And unlike Sergeant Berry, I am not going to reread Orwell's magnum opus ever again if I can help it.

After I posted my initial comment on this image at Attack Cartoons another thought had popped into my head:


But that was a rather obvious one, wasn't it?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

I was going through some old posts on my original blog when I found this:

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Giving Real Meaning to Veterans Day

By Edwin A. Locke

There is no more precious possession than one's own life. But without political freedom, human life is empty. Man cannot exist in any meaningful sense as a serf. The New Hampshire motto says it perfectly: "Live Free or Die."

Because human life is so precious, war should never be undertaken unless our rights are threatened. It is often said that our soldiers must sacrifice themselves for our country. This is precisely what we must not ask them to do. A sacrifice entails the surrender of a greater value for a lesser one. But if a man loses his life on the premise, "I would rather die than live in slavery," it is a tragic loss—but it is not a sacrifice. Such a man is acting in his own interests, to protect his most precious values.

Unfortunately the link to the original article is dead.

Another Blast From The Past

Over the weekend I forgot to mention that it was the anniversary of Comrade Lenin's coup d'etat against the elected government of Russia. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if some folks in the present day left are getting warm and fuzzy feelings at the thought of doing something simular to us.

My own thought for the day is what would stop the self-styled "Progressives" in Congress from doing something really reactionary like passing a law in the lame-duck session that allowed the present occupant of the White House to rule by decree?

And just to remind everyone what we're up against I'm reposting this piece from my original blog:

What Does The Left Want?

In a word, everything.

As a consequence there are things that the Left will not tolerate.

The Left will not tolerate the independent exercise of force, especially when it is an act of self defense. The left seeks to disarm their subjects and will maliciously persecute those who dare raise a hand in their own defense.

Nor will the Left tolerate the existence and operation of the independent rational mind, for any factual refutation of any of the Left's beliefs will inevitably puncture their collective delusion of infallibility. Anyone who thinks for himself, let alone actually speaks up against the Left is publicly maligned and, where it is possible, physically assaulted.

In Rouge Kampuchea under Pol Pot the fear and hatred of independent thought was so strong that anyone who was suspected of being able to read was immediately taken out and shot. And as the Khmer Rouge ran up their bodycount leftist rags in America like the New York Times sat by and cheered them on.

Oh, and Thomas Sowell has his own ideas on the subject.

Now boys and girls, what are your questions on this block of instruction?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Message for Today

A message from Chuck Prime:

From ResistNet:

The Republican Party has set up a Hotline for election day, 1-888-775-8117, which will be staffed by attorneys, to handle polling issues and possible voter fraud or intimidation. If folks even guess that it might be taking place, they should call for free advice.

Bloody good thing I now have a cell phone.


Friday, October 1, 2010

A Comment

I have said this for years and I will continue to say it: The advocacy of Communism is the advocacy of mass murder.

There is simply no excuse for anyone to continue to publicly call for the establishment of a political system that has on average killed over 3,200 people a day since Lenin's coup d'etat in November of 1917. And the death toll continues to rise in Cuba, Mainland China, and North Korea.

Claire Berlinski has more to say on the subject.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Further Reading:

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Saturday, September 25, 2010





“Were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult.”
– Gen. David Petraeus

General, I ask you this: what in hell is your “mission” if We the People jeopardize it by exercising our First Amendment rights in our own homeland? Is your “mission” to defend our rights against foreign enemies, or to defend foreign enemies against our rights?

You made your choice, and you justified it by asserting that you and those under your command have been taken hostage by our terrorist enemy. The ransom demand you obediently delivered to us is that we must submit to your captor’s restrictions against our rightful freedom on our own property, or they’ll kill you.

I remind you and your captors that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

And I remind you that you are the most respected general in the present day, commanding in the most powerful military in all of history, during the most justifiable war in the last seventy years. So please either remember your priorities and slaughter your captors, or resign in disgrace so that we may replace you with a warrior. And if you resign, please do so along with President Obama, Gen. Caldwell, Pentagon Spokesman Lapan, Sec. of State Clinton, Atty. Gen. Holder, NATO Sec. Rasmussen and all others in all branches of government and in all alliances who echoed your request, no matter whether they did so mindlessly or with surrender aforethought.

Our own military leaders asking us to forsake our freedom is un-American. Asking us to do it to on behalf of the comfort of our enemy in a time of war is treasonous. And asking us to do it in the name of the alleged cowardice of those under your command is a shocking and unthinkable act of surrender which I still don’t have all the words for.

But I do have the action for it. We the People will force the issue right here and now. If peacefully exercising our unalienable rights on our own property here in our own homeland endangers you, then we will endanger you.

We will burn the Koran for freedom and post the videos for all the world to see. We will be overt or covert, we will be named or anonymous, we will be sparse or numerous – but we will be unstoppable, and eventually we will be effective.

We will do this because you have no goddamned right to sell out our freedom for the sake of our enemy’s sensitivity. We will do it because you more than have the power to defend yourselves against that enemy if only you would use it. We will do it because facing danger to defend our rightful freedom is why we pay you, train you, equip you, promote you, appoint you, deploy you, and – formerly! – revere you.

You work for us, General, not for our enemy. And we will regain control over you and over this war from the command center of our own backyards. We will destroy any of your alliances of appeasement which would restrict our constitutional rights. We will force the military to defend yourselves and us as you were deployed to do, or to come home in defeat and lock the door behind you.

Whether accidentally through stupidity or deliberately through manipulation, it’s been made clear that We the People have the power to force this issue with nothing more than a book, a match and a video recording.

And so we will.

A right not exercised under duress is a right that has been surrendered. And should you and those above you continue to choose surrender as the course of the military, that will be your own course, your own bargain with the devil, and your own shame – not that of We the People. If free individuals are to remain free, they must defy all oppression at all times, without special exceptions. America was founded on defiance! And some of us remain a proudly defiant people to this day. So if your “mission” is to build understanding in the world, then make sure they understand that about us.

When we can burn our own copies of the Koran on our own soil without credible threats from jihadists or appeasement of those threats from our military and our government, then we will gladly stop burning them.

We may live in occupied territory psychologically, but we do not yet live in occupied territory legally or physically. We will do as we please, and we will continue to expect all branches of our government to secure our right to do it.

I remind you that securing our rights is the only legitimate reason that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

And not everybody among the governed consents to surrendering our rights to terrorists. We will ensure that you either join us in resisting them, or get out of the way.

Let’s roll.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Blast From The Past

I originally posted the following on my original blog in 2004;

Monday, January 19, 2004

Those Fucking Europeans

GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT in the New York Times wrote:

A large part of the European left spent a large part of the 20th century hating the United States not because it had economic inequality or Jim Crow but because it did not have show trials, labor camps and the other appurtenances of "actually existing socialism."

We Americans (the neo-barbarians on the left excepted) prefer real courts and the other attributes of an actually existing civilization.

Mr. Wheatcroft also dug up an interesting statement by English author Evelyn Waugh:

Of course, the Americans are cowards ... They are almost all the descendants of wretches who deserted their legitimate monarchs for fear of military service.

Fuck you Mister Waugh.

I'm sure General Tojo, Il Duce, und Der Fuherer would be very happy to hear that Americans are cowards. Those bloody-handed power tripping motherfuckers had their destinies very thoroughly settled by those whom that fatuous English twit calls cowards.
The courage of Americans fighting for a just cause has never failed and anyone whose continued existence is (or was in the case of that fatuous English twit) dependent on the courage of American Citizens should properly acknowledge that fact or shut the fuck up.

AMERICANS ARE CITIZENS, not the chattel of some purfumed and over-dressed decendant of some barbarian chieftain (or a commisar or other such sub-human filth), we (and the rest of the human race in general) are not subjects or slaves who exist solely to expended at the whim of the ruler, anyone who cannot accept this as an unevadable fact of reality should have their head struck off and stuck on a pike.

(There, I feel a lot better now.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Chuck Prime, who was the sysop for our local Objectivist BBS here in Minneapolis (He moved to Arizona) has set up a couple of interesting sites:

This was after I posted a letter from him without his permission:


Monday, September 13, 2010

Chuck Prime On Defiance

Chuck Prime, who was the sysop of our local Objectivist BBS, asked me what I thought about the scheduled burning of a copy of the Koran.

I replied:

The act of publicly burning a Koran could be thought of as either a temper tantrum or a voodoo ceremony depending on if it performed by an atheist or a theist.

Chuck just sent me his view of the matter and I have to say that he is absolutely right:

Or just maybe it's the use of our right to free expression in an act of defiance against our Islamic masters at home and abroad, an act which the quislings in our own government at every level explicitly do NOT want any of us to take.

EVERY American should burn a Koran in defiance. DEFY the goddamned jihadists and their goddamned quislings. This country was FOUNDED on defiance. What have we become?

All this is so blatantly first-year obvious. Why is nobody seeing it? How far into surrender have we sunk when the real issue never even occurs to us? How could we commemorate the 9/11 atrocity this weekend without noticing this?

If we can't burn the Koran - and actually DO it - then we have been conquered, and pretty words about "freedom" and "the First Amendment" have become feel-good lies, a decayed mantra in a zombie version of America.

Do you know that the piece of shit Pat Buchanan actually called for the arrest of Terry Jones in the name of "national security"? And in commentary, the halfwit Bill O'Reilly had to admit that "sadly" such a thing couldn't happen?

Notch your bullets, man. Because those are CONSERVATIVES - the alleged OPPOSITION to jihadism, and to the altruist statist conformist "shut-'em-down" Tea Party infiltrating left.

Burn that fucking piece of shit: Let the savages hate it. Let it "endanger the military". Facing danger in defense of our rights is their fucking job, and if they won't do it, bring them the fuck home. Let the Pentagon figure out that they have been kidnapped by Islam, and that the ransom demand is that we kiss the ass of muslim sensibilities - or else.

Force those professional appeasers to decide between slaughtering the enemy in defense of our rights, or slaughtering our rights in defense of the enemy.

Right now, they have come out fully in favor of the latter. The last 8 years of this 'war' have clearly been about altruism and nation-building, and Petraeus admitted as much. He and Barack Hussein Osama and all like them should resign in disgrace.

We need a Patton, but a nation this cowardly won't produce one.

Best substitute might come from We The People: a national "Draw Mohammad & Burn The Koran" movement. I'm terrible at motivating others - I'm not a faggot second-handed little 'People Person', which you have to be if you're to get anywhere these days - but I will launch that movement as soon as I figure out how.

This bowing to Islam bullshit is over.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brief Comment

I'm sorry that I have to say this, but I do not believe that anyone has the right to own a gun.

I believe that it is the moral obligation of each rational adult and the political obligation of each individual citizen, who together constitute the sovereign authority of the United States, to own a working firearm.

The personal weapon is the symbol and instrument of political authority. Those who seek to disarm the citizens of our republic are initiating violence against the sovereign authority, which is the old traditional and practical definition of betrayal, and are therefore levying war against the United States, which is the constitutional definition of treason.

Those who seek to disarm the citizens are enemies of the republic and enemies of Human Kind and should be dealt with as such.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


Saturday, May 1, 2010


From now on I will refer to May Day, the First of May, as Mass Murder Day, or as Mass Murderer Day.


Monday, April 26, 2010

A Comment

A long time ago when I still had most of my hair I used to get into big arguments on various USENET news groups. (Remember USENET?)

After reading The Ominous Parallels I began to argue that the basic ideology of the Democratic Party was essentially National Socialism without what could be called the Aryan frills. The comment was influenced by a Goebbels statement that National Socialism was Marxism without what he called the Talmudic frills.

The leftists on USENET of course objected very loudly to being ideologically outed. And of course they persisted in sticking to the Soviet manufactured myth that the NSDAP was a rightist party.

Recently Zombie on his or her blog published a photo from a Leftist demonstration in Los Angeles. (And this is not the first such photo that Zombie has published.)

At this point I believe that it would be reasonable to say that the three things that separate the present day Leftist from the old school National Socialist are a bath, a clean uniform, and a supply of Zyklon-B.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Reminder

William Jefferson Clinton, an unhanged murderer, is publicly whining about the rhetoric of those who oppose the political ascendancy of the Looters.

I will not remain silent.

Seventeen years ago a small community in Texas was destroyed by two packs of predatory animals.

The first pack was a federal agency whose functions were in part a deliberate and explicit violation of the charter and supreme law under which the Federal Government was established.

Even under regulations in effect at the time, the BATF could have sent a couple of agents in coats and ties in a plain government issue sedan to the Branch Davidian residence and asked the federally licensed firearms dealer living there to open his place of business and records to examination. Or if they needed to place the leader of the congregation under arrest they could have taken him into custody while he was out on his morning run. Given Mr. Koresh’s past history of cooperation with local law enforcement they could have simply asked him to come down to the local sheriff’s station.

The BATF did none of the above.

Instead the BATF attempted to stage a military-style assault, code-named Operation Showtime, in order to impart a positive impression of the agency upon the socialist filth that had just moved into the White House. Never mind all the innocent women and children who could have been maimed or killed during the raid.

After the BATF goons were driven off another pack of predators, the so-called Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI, descended upon the Branch Davidians.

If it had been necessary to take the Branch Davidian residence by force a trainee platoon from the Benning School for Boys could, in accordance to their training, have entered the building and taken down any armed individuals without deliberately harming the non-combatants. Instead, the HRT, the alleged experts in hostage rescue, proceeded to terrorize the people within the residence. And when the Branch Davidians refused to surrender, they were exterminated by the HRT.

The HRT used some armored vehicles to destroy the exits from the building and to allow the ambient wind to blow through the structure while other armored vehicles injected CS gas, known to be inflammable and toxic to children and elderly persons, into the wooden structure.

And then the HRT fired incendiary devices into the building.

While the Branch Davidian residence burned to the ground on live television, HRT gunmen stationed behind the building out of sight of the TV cameras shot anyone who attempted to escape the fire from the rear of the building.

The Democrat majority in both houses of Congress were not the slightest bit appalled by the atrocity, instead of condemning the president for his actions and initiating the process of impeaching and removing President Clinton, they chose instead to condemn the victims and those who dared to speak up for them.

Given the choice of obeying the supreme law or violating the law, they chose to violate the law.

Given the choice of preserving innocent life or destroying it, they chose to destroy innocent life.

President Clinton and the Democratic Party could have obeyed the Constitution, the Supreme Law to which the President, the Congress, and the Federal Government in general were subject and stopped the terrorization and murder of the Branch Davidians, but instead chose to violate the Supreme Law.

And like a number of illiterate barbarian chieftains before him, President Clinton and his party used the murder of the Branch Davidians to demonstrate to the rest of us what would happen to anyone who refused to submit to their will. Instead of standing up for the rights and lives of Americans they chose instead to terrorize and murder Americans.

Since then the words “democrat”, and "progressive" have become in my mind synonymous with the concept “murderer.” If there is one complaint I had about President George W. Bush it is that he has done nothing during his two full terms in office to bring the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice.

Nothing. At. All.

Thank you President Bush, for nothing.

Now that the Party of Death has been given control of both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government by a coalition of Depraved-Americans, Stupid-Americans, Ignorant-Americans, Deceased-Americans, and Imaginary-Americans we should not be surprised to see yet another demonstration of the depravity and destructive power of the new rulers and those in government and the established media who willingly serve them.

And we will have no choice but to respond in kind.

Clinton and the other perpetrators of the act of state terror known as the Waco Massacre remain at large. We can reasonably assume that the Looter regime in Washington will continue to do nothing to correct this situation.

Once again I am posting the links to an independent report on the murder by agents of the Federal Government of the Branch Davidians in their residence outside of Waco, Texas.

The following article was electronically published on the LIBERNET Mailing List in 1993. I'm republishing it here for the benefit of those readers who aren't read in as to why I morally condemn the Democratic Party and those who willingly support them.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Brief Comment

I had a little chat with a postal worker on why they aren't delivering mail to the apartment building that I just moved into. I also spoke to the representative of the building owner on why she can't get the post office to deliver mail to the building.

An iron law (if not THE iron law) of bureaucracy is that the so-called workers in the system will make the least effort necessary in order to collect their paychecks. The ideal situation of course is that the bureaucrat should do no work at all in order to collect their pay. [1] Thus it should be no surprise to us that a new generation of Islamic suicide bombers are penetrating security checkpoints manned by the employees of a Federal agency.

In the private sector a serious failure of that magnitude would result in the firing of the employee who failed to do his job and possible criminal prosecution. In the Federal sector a lazy bum is protected by the civil service apparatus. And God help you if you try to discipline an affirmative action diversity hireling. [2]

The Left, in what they imagine to be their infinite wisdom, is now pushing for placing the entire field of medicine in the hands of people who have no stake in the outcome of medical treatments. Whether you, or the most precious members of your family, live or die is simply irrelevant to them as long as they collect their paychecks and pensions. There is no shortage of horror stories coming out of nations where the state provides universal health care. [3]

Innocent people will die needlessly when the state takes over the field of medicine. The nice term for this is murder.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

1. I've been led to understand that this has been actually achieved in some places in Africa.

2. This may explain why the Democratic Party nominated a grossly inexperienced African-American instead of Hillary Clinton. Apparently many on the left may have felt that the race of Die Grosse Null made him immune from criticism. Not only critics of the policies and actions of the Obama administration are being called racists, they are being called such in a manner similar to the way the old school Klansmen used to describe their victims as "uppity niggers."

3. Livestock on American capitalist farms receive better medical care than the subjects of the Cuban communist state.