Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thought for the Day

I get the distinct impression that Die Grosse Null (The Big Zero) has fouled up more times in his first two months in office than the average Republican president fouls up in two terms. What's worse, Die Grosse Null's errors tend to be those which should be easily avoidable.

Back during the 2000 presidential election, Steven Michael Barry, the editor and publisher of THE RESISTER told everyone to vote for Al Gore. The theory behind this "endorsement" was that he expected the Gore Administration to become so incompetent, corrupt, and just plain evil, that it would provoke a Pinochet-style coup d'etat and the commencement of a campaign to shut down the Left in general.

No, I didn't vote for Gore. But I have the horrible feeling that SMB may have made a valid prediction.

This isn't advocacy. I'm just waiting for the other combat boot to drop.

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