Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have a question for all of the folks out there who are obsessed about the birth certificate:

Even if Barack Obama was found ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States as a result of the circumstances of his birth, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT HE WOULD STEP DOWN FROM THAT OFFICE OR THAT THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS (WHICH IS CONTROLLED BY HIS PARTY) WOULD IN ANY WAY COMPEL HIM TO LEAVE?

I have to very seriously doubt that.

To the parasites, like the Democratic Party, power over the productive citizens of this nation is necessary for their very existence.

In short, and I simply cannot emphasize this enough: POWER IS LIFE.

Any restraint on that power -- be it the freedom of speech and press, the rights to self defense and to bear arms, or the free election of public officials (and laws regulating who may hold a specific office) -- is a danger to the parasite's continued existence.

I would expect the Democratic Party to band together and claim that the "will of the people" in some way trumps the Constitution, the terms under which the Federal Government was established.

Barack Obama and his closest supporters apparently believe that are on the "Progressive" version of a holy mission. To quit is to negate the self-concept that they have adopted for themselves. I absolutely believe that the act of surrendering power is literally unthinkable for them.

Quite frankly I really think that he would rather die than surrender power.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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Loyola said...

I think that events up to to-day (28 Feb 10) prove that you are right about the Progressives' [that must be this week's term for Bolsheviks] will to power. It is as if they do belong to some fanatical atheistic religion.