Saturday, September 19, 2009

Morons of the Day

While I'm at it I should also mention that a previously mentioned group of morons is still at it.

Here's their website, I won't bother to quote the site this time. Just read it yourself.

A rational study of the real world would show that a real state of Peace is effectively indistinguishable from a state of Liberty and a state of Security. Peace, Liberty, and Security are simply three words that a rational person uses to describe the same condition, the rightful ability to live one's own life without coercive interference by others.

A rational study of actual history would show that the state of peace for the citizens of a free nation is the result of the violent elimination of the would be conquerors and their pet quislings.

If we rationally examine those who constitute the membership of the so-called Peace Movement we find that virtually every one of them is an open advocate of the coercive subjugation of the productive members of the Human Race. The occasional exception being a self-blinded fool who isn't paying attention to what they're ideologically in bed with.

In short, a "peace activist" and the "peace movement" are in fact enemies of Peace.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


Leslie Bates said...

JeremyR wrote:

So why do you stay? there are a lot of good blogs that would welcome a person of your character. I personally am sad that Charles is reverting to his pre 9-11-01 disposition. I don't know what happened to him.
I felt very unwelcome in the last weeks leading up to the election.
I hadn't checked in a while until I heard about the dusting RSMcCain as giving him.

I've got the horrible feeling that I've hit the wrong button on comment moderation,

In short, I'm waiting for the right moment to write something that will worthy of getting me kicked of of LGF.

Loyola said...

I made the fatal mistake of clicking on the web site to see what their deal is. Now I'm trying to get my blood pressure down.

Those guys (the Peace freaks) have been the bane of my existence for almost four decades.

Leslie Bates said...

I could go on about Peace Freaks.

I would morally rate them below child molesters, but that would give an undeserved compliment to child molesters.

melinwy said...

Very well stated, definitely will come back for more of your writings!