Monday, September 13, 2010

Chuck Prime On Defiance

Chuck Prime, who was the sysop of our local Objectivist BBS, asked me what I thought about the scheduled burning of a copy of the Koran.

I replied:

The act of publicly burning a Koran could be thought of as either a temper tantrum or a voodoo ceremony depending on if it performed by an atheist or a theist.

Chuck just sent me his view of the matter and I have to say that he is absolutely right:

Or just maybe it's the use of our right to free expression in an act of defiance against our Islamic masters at home and abroad, an act which the quislings in our own government at every level explicitly do NOT want any of us to take.

EVERY American should burn a Koran in defiance. DEFY the goddamned jihadists and their goddamned quislings. This country was FOUNDED on defiance. What have we become?

All this is so blatantly first-year obvious. Why is nobody seeing it? How far into surrender have we sunk when the real issue never even occurs to us? How could we commemorate the 9/11 atrocity this weekend without noticing this?

If we can't burn the Koran - and actually DO it - then we have been conquered, and pretty words about "freedom" and "the First Amendment" have become feel-good lies, a decayed mantra in a zombie version of America.

Do you know that the piece of shit Pat Buchanan actually called for the arrest of Terry Jones in the name of "national security"? And in commentary, the halfwit Bill O'Reilly had to admit that "sadly" such a thing couldn't happen?

Notch your bullets, man. Because those are CONSERVATIVES - the alleged OPPOSITION to jihadism, and to the altruist statist conformist "shut-'em-down" Tea Party infiltrating left.

Burn that fucking piece of shit: Let the savages hate it. Let it "endanger the military". Facing danger in defense of our rights is their fucking job, and if they won't do it, bring them the fuck home. Let the Pentagon figure out that they have been kidnapped by Islam, and that the ransom demand is that we kiss the ass of muslim sensibilities - or else.

Force those professional appeasers to decide between slaughtering the enemy in defense of our rights, or slaughtering our rights in defense of the enemy.

Right now, they have come out fully in favor of the latter. The last 8 years of this 'war' have clearly been about altruism and nation-building, and Petraeus admitted as much. He and Barack Hussein Osama and all like them should resign in disgrace.

We need a Patton, but a nation this cowardly won't produce one.

Best substitute might come from We The People: a national "Draw Mohammad & Burn The Koran" movement. I'm terrible at motivating others - I'm not a faggot second-handed little 'People Person', which you have to be if you're to get anywhere these days - but I will launch that movement as soon as I figure out how.

This bowing to Islam bullshit is over.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


1389 said...

Makes sense to me!

Dave said...

Not much left to say. Until the people of this nation realize that Islam is a threat to or government and our way of life, the few will struggle on. The best analogy for the religion of Islam is the Borg from Star Trek.


MSG Netzarim said...

Come on Chuck, tell us what you REALLY think...

SMB and SFU showed us over a decade ago that the military was overrun with PC feel good, almost overrun and corrupted. Now in 2010, just as SFU predicted, we have BHO and his Destroyers... What logical conclusion can a thinking individual come to?

Leslie Bates said...

Chuck is presently in the process of rewriting and expanding upon this. Will post it ASAP.