Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seeing The Fnords

Normally I would post something like this on my primary blog but I'm to whine, moan, and groan about the taxicab business over there instead. Also I would not use a reference to The Illuminatus Trilogy on a basically Objectivist blog but I just got up and I feel a little bit frisky this morning.

Once upon a time ago, in a bit of a disagreement, I told the editor of the original dead tree version of The Resister that we as real intellectuals didn't actually have to dehumanize the members of The Left. My view at the time was that the partisans of The Left have chosen to dehumanize themselves, and all we actually had to do as real reporters was to observe them, and accurately report we see and hear.

In a case in point our good friend Mark Urbin posted a link to a post on Talk Straight in order to illuminate "the violence inherent in the socialist system."

(Thus also providing us with our daily Monty Python reference requirement for the day as well)

Apparently some self styled intellectual over at that cognitive cesspit commonly known as the Village Voice is openly calling for the murder and plunder of some really rich people. All in the name of the workers, which in what passes for the mind of this individual also includes folks who claim to be artists.

Here's the screen shot of the cognitive emission:

Apparently one hundred and ten million deaths in the cause of an invalid concept is simply not enough for some people.

As usual a self appointed voice of the toilers feels that wealth, the product of someone's thought and labor, belongs not to the persons who created it, but to some manifestation of the collective as a whole, and then they go into some kind of hissy fit when the people who actually created it are allowed to keep some of it. How dare a government actually act like a government!

When someone has something the self appointed guardians want to grab, they'll simply proclaim that desired object was unearned by the rightful owner, or was otherwise stolen and grab it. And they'll do it over the rightful owner's dead body if they have to.

Given sufficient time and motivation they will, if they are consistently acting in accordance to their own theory, even attack the bums who are begging at the roadside for the loose change in their pockets. After all, they didn't earn that paltry sum of money either.

Mark also points out that when one scratches a self proclaimed liberal one will find the fascist underneath.

Well, yes.

Il Duce, the original Fascist, used to be a leading socialist intellectual and even received fan mail from Lenin.

The fact of the matter is that the ideologies of Socialism, Fascism, et al, are nothing more than an attempt to give the appearance of legitimacy to old school savagery, which is basically the old stone age practice of beating up other people and taking their stuff.

Nowadays, whenever I see a "progressive" sign in on a front lawn or a bumper sticker on a car I think, "murderer."

After all, how else are they going to do it?


Anonymous said...

True, that.

I haven't seen any "Progressive" signs here in Phoenix. There is some leftism here in the Valley, but not the rabid virulence that you see in most other places.

Leslie Bates said...

Someone up here in Minnesota is selling a reproduction of the Wellstone bumper sticker. Its not quite an exact copy as the font for it is a bit off.

Clearly a modern day example of a voodoo fetish, but then given the their apparent cognitive methodology the existance of such a thing should be no surprise to us at all.

Blank Stare of Socialism said...

I came to this late, but the madness goes on...

Actually, the left does not just call for people's deaths but does it where they can. As a 'peace-loving ideology' they seem to get rid of an awful lot of people one way or another.

As for grabbing any imagined assets, the truth is those assets are sometimes vague and theoretical 'monies' and are often locked up in complex structures and it would take years to ever extricate anything substantial.

It is a well-known phenomenon that rich people rarely have a lot of immediate cash in hand. That's not what wealth is, though the hard-of-thinking that constitutes the Left frequently think it is.

The word 'understand' does not find a place in the socialist dictionary.

But as socialism has never understood money then that should be no surprise.

But one last thought: if you took this vast amount of money and distributed it (through a system not yet worked out and likely if it is ever dreamed up to be riddled with flaws and loopholes) to 'the people' then within an hour some would have started to waste their 'share' and others improved it.

Within a day there would be clear divisions between the haves and have-nots. And the have-nots would soon be mounting the challenge to have a share of what the 'rich' people have. Of course, to be a socialist means you can never be satisfied or even happy; you have to be always jealous, always bitter, always expecting something for nothing.

Then the have-nots can call for the newly-made rich to be killed so there will be a distribution of the 'assets' to the ones who squandered it. And so it would go on...