Monday, April 19, 2010

A Reminder

William Jefferson Clinton, an unhanged murderer, is publicly whining about the rhetoric of those who oppose the political ascendancy of the Looters.

I will not remain silent.

Seventeen years ago a small community in Texas was destroyed by two packs of predatory animals.

The first pack was a federal agency whose functions were in part a deliberate and explicit violation of the charter and supreme law under which the Federal Government was established.

Even under regulations in effect at the time, the BATF could have sent a couple of agents in coats and ties in a plain government issue sedan to the Branch Davidian residence and asked the federally licensed firearms dealer living there to open his place of business and records to examination. Or if they needed to place the leader of the congregation under arrest they could have taken him into custody while he was out on his morning run. Given Mr. Koresh’s past history of cooperation with local law enforcement they could have simply asked him to come down to the local sheriff’s station.

The BATF did none of the above.

Instead the BATF attempted to stage a military-style assault, code-named Operation Showtime, in order to impart a positive impression of the agency upon the socialist filth that had just moved into the White House. Never mind all the innocent women and children who could have been maimed or killed during the raid.

After the BATF goons were driven off another pack of predators, the so-called Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI, descended upon the Branch Davidians.

If it had been necessary to take the Branch Davidian residence by force a trainee platoon from the Benning School for Boys could, in accordance to their training, have entered the building and taken down any armed individuals without deliberately harming the non-combatants. Instead, the HRT, the alleged experts in hostage rescue, proceeded to terrorize the people within the residence. And when the Branch Davidians refused to surrender, they were exterminated by the HRT.

The HRT used some armored vehicles to destroy the exits from the building and to allow the ambient wind to blow through the structure while other armored vehicles injected CS gas, known to be inflammable and toxic to children and elderly persons, into the wooden structure.

And then the HRT fired incendiary devices into the building.

While the Branch Davidian residence burned to the ground on live television, HRT gunmen stationed behind the building out of sight of the TV cameras shot anyone who attempted to escape the fire from the rear of the building.

The Democrat majority in both houses of Congress were not the slightest bit appalled by the atrocity, instead of condemning the president for his actions and initiating the process of impeaching and removing President Clinton, they chose instead to condemn the victims and those who dared to speak up for them.

Given the choice of obeying the supreme law or violating the law, they chose to violate the law.

Given the choice of preserving innocent life or destroying it, they chose to destroy innocent life.

President Clinton and the Democratic Party could have obeyed the Constitution, the Supreme Law to which the President, the Congress, and the Federal Government in general were subject and stopped the terrorization and murder of the Branch Davidians, but instead chose to violate the Supreme Law.

And like a number of illiterate barbarian chieftains before him, President Clinton and his party used the murder of the Branch Davidians to demonstrate to the rest of us what would happen to anyone who refused to submit to their will. Instead of standing up for the rights and lives of Americans they chose instead to terrorize and murder Americans.

Since then the words “democrat”, and "progressive" have become in my mind synonymous with the concept “murderer.” If there is one complaint I had about President George W. Bush it is that he has done nothing during his two full terms in office to bring the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice.

Nothing. At. All.

Thank you President Bush, for nothing.

Now that the Party of Death has been given control of both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government by a coalition of Depraved-Americans, Stupid-Americans, Ignorant-Americans, Deceased-Americans, and Imaginary-Americans we should not be surprised to see yet another demonstration of the depravity and destructive power of the new rulers and those in government and the established media who willingly serve them.

And we will have no choice but to respond in kind.

Clinton and the other perpetrators of the act of state terror known as the Waco Massacre remain at large. We can reasonably assume that the Looter regime in Washington will continue to do nothing to correct this situation.

Once again I am posting the links to an independent report on the murder by agents of the Federal Government of the Branch Davidians in their residence outside of Waco, Texas.

The following article was electronically published on the LIBERNET Mailing List in 1993. I'm republishing it here for the benefit of those readers who aren't read in as to why I morally condemn the Democratic Party and those who willingly support them.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.




Leslie Bates said...

Someone tried to leave an anonymous comment on this post. I accidentally hit the wrong button when moderating the comment. So I'm going to have to post it myself.

Sorry about the error.

On the morning of February 28, 1993, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the compound of religious cult leader David Koresh, to execute a warrant for alleged federal firearms violations. As the agents attempted to enter the main building, they were fired upon.

A shootout ensued with the well-armed Branch Davidians, which ended in the deaths of four ATF agents.

Special Agents Todd McKeehan, Robert John Williams, Conway Charles LeBleu, and Steven David Willis were all killed on that Sunday morning in Waco, TX.

The raid was the beginning of a two-month standoff between the Davidians and federal authorities. The siege ended on April 19, when a tank was used to punch a hole in the compound’s main building, to insert tear gas.

A minute or two after that action was taken, the building erupted in flames. While the government claims that the cultists themselves set the fire, the Davidians, along with many conspiracy theorists maintain to this day, that the feds deliberately burned them out.

The fire resulted in the deaths of 76 Davidians, including 17 children.

Attorney General Janet Reno, who took full responsibility for the raid and its consequences was widely criticized for the heavy-handed approach that ultimately led to dozens of deaths, and gave federal law enforcement agencies a black eye.

taken from the newspaper

TooMuchTime said...

Yes, I remember this very well. The press pandered to Clinton and called the group a "cult" and their property a "compound." All the better to get the electorate pointing fingers at the non-conformist religion. It's not like they believed in UFOs like a real cult.

Basically, what happened was that the government, under orders from Clinton, burned down a church with the parishioners inside.

You would think that would only happen in typical left-wing socialist governments. Oh, wait! That's right, we were. And are again.

Leslie Bates said...

While driving home from work today I had the Rush Limbaugh show on the radio. Limbaugh played a recording of Dick Morris, a former Clintonista, tell Sean Hannity that Clinton did in fact order the HRT assault on the Branch Davidian residence and that Janet Reno had threatened to go public with what she knew if she wasn't appointed for a second term as attorney general.

So we no longer have to presume that Big Bubba is responsible because of his position in the chain of command. He actually knew the plan and deliberately approved of it.

Anonymous said...

Right on! Reno is an abomination! She will regret her tyranny. Whether by Karma, cause and effect, or sheer divine intervention.

Anonymous said...

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