Monday, March 30, 2015

A Response To A Nameless Coward

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the following image from No Moss Here the Tumbr site of Mark Urbin:

Quite frankly I would have to hold this individual (I was tempted to deliberately misspell the word) who wrote the note in absolute contempt.

Would this nameless coward actually be bothered to leave a similar note for an open National Socialist, a Soviet Communist, or a member of the Islamic State?  There is no question that these organizations and their ideologies are deadly to Human Life and have no place in a Human Society.  But this (I was tempted to say moron, but that’s an insult to actual morons) has to whine about a Life Member of the National Rifle Association.  The NRA are in fact are the absolutely the last people on Earth with the desire to cause harm to another Human life.

Of course not.

The fact is that in a free nation such as the United States of America the ownership and safe usage of the personal firearm is a moral and political obligation.  The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871 for the very purpose of transmitting this knowledge to the newly liberated slaves and their children in the former states of The Confederacy.  The purpose of the individual ownership of firearms in a free society is to uphold and defend the Individual Rights of Life and Liberty.  In no way can such actions be rationally identified as insane.

The nameless coward also claims to be speaking for God and the Children.



An attribute of God is that he can speak for himself so anyone who claims to be speaking for him is simply generating noise.  Furthermore the Christians I do know are proper citizens of this nation are properly armed as such.   And the claim that this individual is acting to protect the children is pure nonsense.  A Life Member of the NRA is in fact setting a positive example for all children.

The nameless coward is nothing but a source of noise.

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