Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Conspiracy of Philosophy

This article was originally published in Volume 2, Number 2 of THE RESISTER.

The Conspiracy of Philosophy

by M. O. Warren
PAO, Special Forces Underground

Black helicopters. Secret cabals of hidden influence. A massive "New World Order Conspiracy" whose tentacles reach into every facet of our lives--its minions just waiting for the hidden World Government's orders to tattoo "666" bar codes onto our foreheads. It just doesn't exist. No matter how much the NWO conspiracy believers want it to exist, it just doesn't.

The possibility of a such a far-reaching and all-powerful secret "World Government" maintaining such a huge conspiracy for any length of time is beyond even the realms of fiction. It is impossible to imagine the resources that it would take - not to mention the number of people that would have to be in on it. Much like the old East German STASI, which employed 25 percent of East Germans to spy on the other 75 percent, and then used unpaid informants among the 75 percent to keep tabs on their spies! Why, even the most vocal of the NWO conspiracy theorists might be members of that conspiracy with orders to mislead and confuse us....

Enough! Conspiracies of people are fun, but they just aren't there. At least not in the way they are presented.

"Ahh...", say the conspiracists, "how do you explain the Trilateralists and the Council for Foreign Relations--with their members permeating business, government and the media throughout the US and Europe? How do you explain how their members serving in key roles in both Republican and Democratic administrations for dozens of years? How do you explain their secret meetings?"

The explanation is right there before us. There is in fact a conspiracy. A conspiracy far worse than any paranoid flight of fancy might create: a conspiracy of philosophy.

These organizations (the Trilateralists, the CFR) exist because a large number of influential people adhere to the same flawed statist philosophy. This philosophy, which fueled Franklin D. Roosevelt's dictatorial transformation of this Republic into a socialist "democracy," has dominated American politics in both parties since the 1930s. Like all philosophical revolutions, its roots extend farther into the past--but it was the crypto-communist F.D.R. who made it the cornerstone of American politics. The politics of compromise and 40 years of a Democrat controlled House enabled statists of all shades of red to undermine the Constitution straight through, and including, the alleged "Republican Revolution" of November 1994.

From the Missouri Compromise to Senator Robert Dole's one man midnight "evil-looking rifles" compromise vote, compromise has been the Achilles Heel of the Republic. Formerly, the great congressional compromises merely delayed addressing issues; issues that festered into great crises with far-reaching consequences. Now, the statists have learned to manipulate compromise so that, in the end, they have conceded nothing and socialists have coincided all. The liberal media and socialist politicians praise their opponents for being "bipartisan" and "statesmen" while celebrating another victory for the supremacy of the all-powerful State and the further erosion of the status of sovereign citizen into that of peon.

The great truism of revolution is that it is a struggle of ideas, not of arms. This is a continuation of the struggle that led to our revolt against tyranny and then to the adoption of our Constitution--that singular document that enshrines the natural rights of Man and guarantees them against the tyranny of the State. Notice that I did not say "grants" or "gives". Your rights as an individual are natural rights (in other words, they would exist in a "state of nature", where the individual is sovereign and the State does not exist), they can not be "granted" or "given" to you. Your rights are unalienable, whether you choose to exercise them or not. Yet, as the Framers knew, the State can deny your rights, but only if you are stupid enough to grovel for "security."

And it is to continue this most poignant struggle, that of a Free People against the natural inclination of the State to tyranny, that the Framers built separation of powers into the Constitution. They did it with malice of forethought, so the People would never become complacent--but rather be eternally vigilant.

Statism is the natural inclination of any government to tyranny. While it has a name, it is a philosophy, not a conspiracy. As in any philosophy, its believers can range from the benign to zealots. Woodrow Wilson was a benign statist (that sick species known as 'do-gooder')--he would probably be shocked (but not disappointed) to see the total transformation of the federal government that grew from his socialist idealism. Zealotry is personified in Franklin D. Roosevelt (Clinton's hero), who believed that any whimsical end the State espoused justified any means to accomplish it.

Unfortunately, the wisdom of the Framers did not foresee the moral slough and intellectual bankruptcy that the American people would fall into when socialists promised them a free lunch and "retirement with dignity"--nor did they foresee the mischief that a communism sympathizing media would enable. (Except, perhaps, Alexander Hamilton, who is reputed to have remarked to James Madison, at a dinner held in honor of the ratification of the Constitution: "The people. Your people are a great beast.")

The paranoid fringe, with their delusions about FEMA conquering these United States from their underground bunker headquarters with an army of blue-helmeted Third World thugs counting the cash in your pocket with a scanner from across the street are the best friends the statists have. While these misguided ones are busy forming militias to fight the UN and a Russian armored division living in salt mines below Detroit (or is it Kansas City?), they are actually encouraging the growth of statism. First, these obvious fantasies are held in ridicule by the majority or true patriots--and their most vocal adherents are adept at appearing ludicrous! Second, their activities both provoke and legitimize statist internal security measures which lead to greater acceptance of tyranny. The hapless so-called militias have done much to provoke and encourage the introduction of alleged anti-terrorist legislation that further promotes tyranny--let alone the damage done to the cause by fools who appear before Congress in fatigue uniform.

We must reject delusion and instead work to fight statism as a philosophy, a vile poison that has infected every venue of American society and politics. Our credo must remain the Constitution, the very bedrock that defines our Republic. The writings of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, and other commentaries by the Framers (as well as those political philosophers who influenced them) provide us with insight that illuminates that document. We must guard against irrationalists who can not read the Constitution's plain English, or who seek to re-interpret it as a "living document."

To do this, we must speak out. In this and every other platform. We must vote--and be prepared to throw the compromising bastards out over and over again until our message is received. It takes direct, active involvement. We must demand accountability from our elected representatives and refuse to entertain the pronouncements of unelected pull-peddlers. We must re-capture our schools from the state, or refuse to send our children to them. And we must stay true to the ideological foundations of this Republic.

Compromise is certain death.


Anonymous said...

Your expectation that sElections of candidates from one progreSSive party can preserve a long dead republic is naive, imo.
When stuck in quicksand at a certain point all movement is just a further pull and descent. Marxist Democrats are enabled by Chamberpot Repubs in a dance for more Statism.
Your voting solution is no more effective than the militia bunker solution. Sometimes you just have brace for impact,especially if the fraud of the monetary system is stirred into the cauldron.
I do wish you well however,but having done my best to be a "good" taxpaying voting citizen;
I now realize I was/am just a putz either Grubered or Boehnered depending upon my choice preferences.

Anonymous said...

You don't really believe what you write do you?

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
– J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director on the New World Order conspiracy

Leslie Bates said...

Actually I do. What caused you to believe that I wrote this?