Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Rant Reborn

This is a rewrite of a rant I posted online before I became involved with the original RESISTER. The original text was a bit more nihilistic in content.

The Leftist nomenklatura of this country, with the aid of the prostitutes of the Main Stream Media, is once again free to resume the unrestrained process of ignoring, violating, and ultimately erasing the Constitution that I once swore as a member of the United States Army to uphold and defend.

The government -- that the best and most rational men of this country fought, bled and died to establish and protect -- will continue to be perverted into another system of plunder and oppression.

The legacy of the Founders, and those who fought and died to preserve the Republic, is being spat upon, forsaken and abused.

There are millions and millions of people in this country who repudiate responsibility for living their own lives and beg for a Big Brother to take care of them. And of course, The Big ZERO, a example of what Plato euphemistically called a "philosopher king," is all too happy to step forth and grant their dearest wishes. And never mind the cost -- that's what the rest of us are for.

The poets, philosophers, priests and politicians loudly proclaim that it is our duty to sacrifice our own lives, liberties, properties and whatever purpose we have in our lives so that overgrown crybabies can feel snugly warm and secure in the bosom of the Big Mommy State. And if any of us -- the people who are adult human beings -- raises any objection to being used as tools to achieve this end, then the squads of storm troopers (Plato would say "guardians") that our police will be perverted into will "take care of us."

Our self-proclaimed ersatz-parents, from The Big ZERO on down, don't know what they're doing nor do they want to know. When we the true adults complain about their actions and try to explain why they are wrong, they will emit excuses for ignoring us. And if that doesn’t work they will forcibly silence us.

But enough about knowledge, let’s talk about feelings.

The Big ZERO, the newly anointed God-King and his mob of courtiers will try to refuse to mentally focus on objects in reality including us, but their subconscious is still receiving signals from their senses, they get emotional signals, that is, they have feelings as things move in and out of the range of their perception. When they perceive the people who don't need them -- the people who are rational and independent -- they will feel fear and hatred. They will feel the need to destroy by any means all intellectually and morally autonomous persons.

When I mentally focus on them are and what they are doing -- my subconscious sends signals of hate, fear and contempt -- and why shouldn't it?

Why shouldn't I feel the need to see our new oppressors, and their willing servants, stood against a wall and shot -- I want to see bullets rip into their bodies and see their blood and utterly corrupted brains splattered all over the place. Why should I not want to see the bullet shredded corpses of our new socialist overlords and other such creatures with delusions of parenthood, and even godhood, dumped into any garbage landfill site that happens to be convenient?

I really can’t think of any reason why not.

(BTW, where did they dump President and Mrs. Ceausescu?)

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