Saturday, June 27, 2009

Horror Quotes

"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for..."

-- DNC Chairman Howard Dean

Obviously he is not referring to the disgusting habit on the part of the Grand Old Party of bipartisanship, the compromising with and appeasing the anti-human nihilist trash, such as Comrade Dean, that make up the Democratic Party.

What Comrade Dean is likely referring to are the inconsistent occasions when the Republicans have upheld the basic rights of Man, such as Right of Life, followed by the subsidiary rights of Liberty and Property.

A right of the individual is a restraint upon the powers of government and society as a whole. Which is perfectly all right for those of us who are rational and productive. But to those who irrationally choose parasitism as their mode of existence an individual right is like staring at the muzzle of a shotgun that is aimed at their own heads.

Because a rational individual cannot be expected to willfully consent to having a parasite living continually at their expense, the parasite must resort to force and fraud in order to sustain its own life.

Thus the parasite must by necessity favor the establishment and maintenance of a state of dictatorship, with a fully functional apparatus of censorship and repression, and must oppose a free society with a government that is accountable to the citizen body.

He who has steel, has bread

– Benito Mussolini

To the parasites, power over the productive is necessary for their very existence.

In short, and I simply cannot emphasize this enough: POWER IS LIFE.

Any restraint on that power -- be it the freedom of speech and press, the rights to self defense and to bear arms, or the free election of public officials -- is a danger to the parasite's continued existence.

On the issue of violent crime it appears that the sympathies of parasites are not with the victims but are with the criminals, they will publicly object to the execution of a quadruple murderer but care nothing about his victims.

But then a parasite has a radically different conception of crime and punishment.

It is better to kill one hundred innocents than to let one guilty person go.

-- Dolores Ibarruri ("La Pasionaria"), Spanish Communist

A criminal act in a rationally governed society is a violation of an individual’s rights. In a rational society it is also understood that because human beings are not omniscient or always honest, it is therefore possible that an innocent person may be prosecuted for a crime by mistake or as a result of an act of malice. It is this fact that leads to the creation of the Due Process of Law that is practiced by a rational government. (And which is all too often twisted around by criminals and their legal supporters to their advantage.)

But a parasite is dependent on the violation of individual rights for his sustenance. Thus the parasite’s conception of crime and justice must be opposed to that of a rational society. Justice to a parasite is simply getting away with the parasitic mode of existence. Crime is simply any resistance, regardless of intent or degree, to the actions of the parasite.

My wealth is spear and sword, the stout shield which protects my flesh; with this I plough, with this I reap, with this I tread the sweet wine of the grape, with this I am the entitled master of the serfs.

-- Cretan Warrior (Quoted by John Keegan in A HISTORY OF WARFARE, page 242)

The parasite basically views the productive population as a form of livestock. Therefore anyone who objects to this status or otherwise resists the moral and legal primacy of the parasite is identified as a diseased animal and is dealt with as such. Sometimes the whole herd is subjected to culling, as the Ukrainians were under Stalin. Lenin’s command to kill the Kulaks and Ibarruri’s open contempt for the lives of others were not aberrations, they are simply instances of the normal behavior of parasites in power.

Rational people will tolerate the long and drawn out appeals process for death penalty cases, as frustrating as it is, because they want to be certain that an innocent person will not be put to death. The parasites, when they are in absolute power, simply don't care.

Rational people believe in liberty and justice. Parasites on the other hand, don't care how high the pile of human corpses is as long as they are firmly seated on top.

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