Friday, June 19, 2009

What Is Civil Order

Another old text file that I found which I shall post verbatim:

Subj: Enemies of Civil Order.
From: Leslie Bates #105
To : All
Date: Sun, Nov 27, 1994 7:59:17 AM

I found the following item on the talk.politics.guns newsgroup:

> From: Terry Liberty-Parker
>> Date: 18 Nov 94 12:20:07
> The New Enemy
> "Parameters", the journal of the Army War College, has
>published an article by a Maj. Ralph Peters which identifies
>the next "enemy" of the "Politicized" Bill/Hillary Clinton
>military as U.S. Patriots, defined as the "Warrior Class".
>Patriots are described as "Erratic Primitives of Shifting
>Allegiances, Habitated to Violence with no stake in Civil Order".

And I posted the following reponse:

Civil Order as understood by adherents of the Platonic/Hegelian/Marxist/Nazi collectivist ("progressive," "caring," etc.) philosophical tradition is a social state in which we, the hominid livestock, live as directed by our self appointed masters.

The bipedal cattle who do not obey are visited by the "Guardians"/SS/ATF or other such creatures.

Civil Order in the real world as described by Aristotle and Ayn Rand is the societal condition in which we, the humans, are free to live by our own judgement of the facts of reality for our own purposes, without being put upon by thugs and tyrants.

The enemies of true civil order will always try as Orwell warned us, " make lies sound truthful and murder respectable," as had happened at Waco. When we accept the defintions given by our enemies, we lose. For the Clintons and their collaborators to call us "Erratic Primitives," is nothing less than a Nazi style smear.

In the real world we must define or be defined.

The Clintons and the other self styled "progressives" have tried, through their so called "health reform" and other such actions, to force us into a state of dependency and servitude. To turn the United States of America, the greatest nation on this planet into a vast slave labor camp. These are not the actions of the defenders of "civil order." These are attacks on civilization and Mankind as such.

We must see reality for what it is, things for what they are, and people for who they are. We, the defenders of American Civilization, must show our families, friends, and neighbors that we are who we are, and that our enemies are what they are.

Socialism is slavery and socialists are slavers. And as far as I am concerned, all slavers, regardless of what auditory garbage they put forth as an excuse, are enemies of Mankind fit only for extermination.


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