Monday, April 26, 2010

A Comment

A long time ago when I still had most of my hair I used to get into big arguments on various USENET news groups. (Remember USENET?)

After reading The Ominous Parallels I began to argue that the basic ideology of the Democratic Party was essentially National Socialism without what could be called the Aryan frills. The comment was influenced by a Goebbels statement that National Socialism was Marxism without what he called the Talmudic frills.

The leftists on USENET of course objected very loudly to being ideologically outed. And of course they persisted in sticking to the Soviet manufactured myth that the NSDAP was a rightist party.

Recently Zombie on his or her blog published a photo from a Leftist demonstration in Los Angeles. (And this is not the first such photo that Zombie has published.)

At this point I believe that it would be reasonable to say that the three things that separate the present day Leftist from the old school National Socialist are a bath, a clean uniform, and a supply of Zyklon-B.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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