Monday, January 10, 2011

A Comment On The News

I've pretty much invoked the "Cry Wolf" rule as far as the emissions of the Leftist Commentariat is concerned.

And I expect the Senior Senator from New York to call for more violence against more innocent people in three... two... one...

"Mister Schmumer... what's it like to not have a Human soul?"


idahobob said...

We would be better off if Chuckie assumed room temperature.


Leslie Bates said...

I'm afraid the I have to agree with you. But then I've been agreeing with that thought for at least a couple of decades.

Oh, and a bit from the fourth chapter of a science fiction novel that I'm writing:

Frank reentered the room. He brought in a two page printout
of something and a think paper-bound book with a black-colored cover.
He stopped and looked at everyone.
“Did I miss something? He said.
Kira spoke up.
“The subject of Earth came up.” She said.
“Did you mention the lamp post?” He replied.
“What lamp post?” I said.
Andy sounded a little bit embarrassed when he answered.
“The lamp post that the senior senator from New York may
have been hanged from.” He said.
“May have?” I said.
“Well we can’t be certain,” Andy replied, “the post in the recorded location may have been replaced one or more times since The Reformation.”
Alice jumped into the conversation.
“There was a lot of looting going on since the fall of the Earth.” She said. “We sent an expert team in to the reported
location of the artifact and recovered it, though technically it
was an act of looting.”
“It’s called archaeology.” I said. “Where is it?”
Frank answered the question.
“We gave it a good home.” He said.
That answer sounded distressingly familiar. Unlike the
fictional Captain Kirk I tried not to raise my voice in response.
“Where?” I said.
Alice smiled when she replied.
“We put it in front of the new planetary government center
in Landfall.” She said. “And we gave it a nice brass plaque to
encourage every member of the Senate and the Assembly to be on
their best behavior.”
I smiled. That short little history lesson told me that I was going to like living here and now with these people.
Andy then added another bit of information.
“When we adopted your proposed constitution,” he said, “more or less as written, we started to call your clause on high
treason and quorum adjustment the Schumer Clause.”
Which was how I thought of it when, back during early days
of The Reformation, I tacked on a proposal for a replacement
charter of government to my monograph, The Concept of Government.
In the clause named for that, um, specific individual, any
member of a legislative body who proposed or voted for a bill
that required the exercise of a specifically prohibited power
would be judicially removed from office and put to death.
“Pour encourager les autres,” as Voltaire once put it.
The offender’s seat in the legislative body for the
remainder of the term in office would then remain empty, in order
to encourage the voters in the relevant district to exercise
better judgment in the next election.
I really felt like I was going to really like living here.

and now.