Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Emergency Backup Posting

I've just posted this message over at a another forum, in the reasonable expectation that it will be removed I am reposting it here:

You know, I haven't seen this kind of shrieking and outright moral evasion since I suggested (on my own blog) that the advocates of Marxism be made to experience it from the victim's point of view, by one round in the head in the old Soviet style.

My present literary project is a science fiction novel depicting how a planet with a basically Objectivist culture would deal with the military problems facing it. In reference to one former enemy, the in-universe stand-ins for the Dorsai, I will have a character say: "Have you been to Xenophon lately? Nobody lives there. Not even mutants hunting each other for food."

Anyone, such as a Soviet Communist, a National Socialist, or an Islamist, who see me as either livestock to be enslaved, or as a diseased animal to be put down, is a mortal enemy, period. Such persons have surrendered all moral claims to the status of Humanity and all rights, including the right to live. Mr. Cline understands this.

On what grounds can someone claim to be Human when they stand up in defense of Islam, an ideology that denies my right to live as a rational human being and only permits my existence if I submit to the status of livestock?

My answer to those who denounce Ed Cline as inhuman is, no, he is not inhuman, you are.

Either you people need to pull your heads out of your terminal orifices or terminate yourselves.

The piece written by Edward Cline that I refer to may be found at

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Update at 1700 CDT:

I've been permanently banned for bigotry and trolling.

I do acknowledge the fact that the owners of the site have the right to control the content of their site. But reality is what it is and covering one's eyes will not change that.


Anonymous said...

"What are your questions on this block of instruction?"

That is an off-putting statement

Humility would go over better

Leslie Bates said...

Humility is for livestock.

MSG Netzarim said...

The TRUTH? They can't HANDLE the TRUTH!