Tuesday, December 17, 2013


On my primary blog I have made an announcement:

As I write this a full moon is setting to the west.

A friend recently suggested that I stand for the office of President of the United States.  After giving the concept some thought I have decided to do so.

My fundamental goal as President will be to restore complete compliance of the Federal Government to the Constitution and the complete sovereignty of our nation with respect to the transnational order.

And I fully look forward to interaction with the Fourth Estate:

Reporter: Mr. Bates, how do you as a Christian Conservative justify your opposition to Social Justice?

Candidate LB: Good question.  Have you thought of asking an actual Christian Conservative?

Reporter: What?

Candidate LB: I stopped believing in the Western Monotheist Tradition over four decades ago.  I have made no secret of my disbelief since that time.  Even when I enlisted in the United States Army during the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

In light of this answer the reporter would have to engage in actual thought in order to respond.

Regardless of the outcome I fully expect to have fun.   
I have not had this level of emotional uplift since I uploaded the first issue of The Resister on the talk.politics.guns newsgroup and every bulletin board I could log on to.

This will be one Hell of a run.


Ron Q said...

As I write this, a somewhat less than full moon has long been set. It is late at night, but I am moved to write.

First, I think it is a fine idea that you run for President of the United States. I am familiar with your writing, and philosophical disposition, from way back. I was a subscriber to the early Resister.

If, in your stump speeches, you bring back the fiery rhetoric of those Resister days, igniting the souls of real Americans, I'm sure your presidential campaign will gain a vast constituency.

Ah, but alas and alack, I understand that that your "candidacy" is merely a rhetorical device meant to carry the central meaning of your post.

More realistically however, I would be happy just to see a revival of the outstanding propaganda prose that often graced the Resister's pages!

It is a shame that Steven Barry's interests were, ah..., diverted, so to speak; he could be making tremendous contributions on the current scene, too.

Has Barry contributed anything to The New Resister? All I've seen of him lately are a few responses to military- or Catholic-related blogs. (I don't read that other "field" he wandered off into.)

Regards, and keep up the good work.

Ron Scott
USMC Veteran

P.S. You mentioned your enlistment which prompts me to report that I enlisted on my 17th birthday, 22 November 1963, the day Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President, on an airplane!

Leslie Bates said...


Thank you for your letter. There is clearly a list of things that are required for me to carry out a proper campaign for the office. It will take time to accomplish them.