Sunday, December 1, 2013

Question Of The Day

Why is the United States Army and Marine Corps still deployed in Afghanistan?

It's very clear to a rational observer that The Big Zero is sympathetic to Islam.  And that he is very sympathetic to the most consistent practitioners, and thus murderous believers, of this clearly false religion.  There is simply no point in continuing this operation.

 A possible answer is that a Soldier or Marine deployed anywhere outside the continental United States (CONUS) will not be able to uphold his oath of enlistment and participate in the overthrow of the current Neo-Communist regime.  A Soldier or Marine who is isolated in Afghanistan would simply be stuck in place, unable to intervene.  This is particularly true in the cast of members of elite formations such as the Special Forces.  The Special Forces Underground was established under the less tyrannical conditions of the Clinton Administration.  I would not at all be surprised if a similar organization was in place at this very moment.

(And if it is, they would not contact me as I should have been under surveillance for nearly two decades, now.)

The fact of the matter is that The Big Zero does not trust anyone in the Armed Forces.  The ongoing purge of flag and general officers and the complete disarmament of personnel on base and on duty is a clear indication of this.

(Seriously?  Removing bolts from rifles while on parade?  Paranoid are we, Zero?)

What are your questions on this?

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