Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dead Savage

Ayn Rand was once asked if it was better to submit to Communism or to die.  She answered that it was to better to see the Reds dead.

I had to completely agree.

It has come to my attention that a famous Communist Stooge and all around waste of matter and energy has finally descended to ambient temperature.  Of course The Big Zero will shortly release a statement about how he -- the occupant of the White House -- was so utterly wonderful.  As The Big Zero has clearly demonstrated, the idea that anyone could achieve anything is completely alien to him.

If by reading this you have concluded that I’m using this opportunity to show off my skill at writing sarcasm, you’re right.

The Communist Stooge only reached ambient temperature not because of the life support system that he was privileged to be hooked up to, but because the last real government of the Republic of South Africa failed to do it’s job.  The fact was that the Communist Stooge was an enemy of Civilization and Humanity in General.  The Communist Stooge should have been put to death upon identification. 

Instead he was imprisoned.  While in prison the Communist Stooge carried out a campaign of coercion through guilt with the tactic of the hunger strike.  Again the government failed to properly correct the situation.  At the start of the hunger strike the Communist Stooge should have been executed.  Thus ending the otherwise pathetic attempt at coercion.

Instead the Communist Stooge became a celebrated cause for useless idiots around the world.  The sale of military equipment needed to fight the ongoing Communist insurgency and other forms of lawful trade were embargoed by the United Nations Organization.  To the everlasting shame of our nation the United States Government participated in the embargo of the Republic of South Africa. 

When the last real government fell to savages the Communist Stooge was granted power that he was neither entitled to nor fit to exercise. 

At this point some readers would conclude that I’m a racist.


I am a member of the Human Race.  As such I will not submit to the rule of a mindless racially based mob simply on the base of a majority vote.  Reality is real and no number of ballots will ever change that.  Solidarity to what are actually sub-groups within the Human Race is a clear rejection of reason and is not a valid option.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


David Horowitz has his own view of the Communist Stooge.  He's not nice about it.


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