Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thought For The Day

The first time I heard the term “dickhead” was during infantry basic training at Fort Benning. At the time I identified it as a distinctly Army term for a distinctly Army phenomena. An example of a dickhead is Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bateman, someone who clearly does not understand the United States Constitution and his role and limitations as a commissioned officer.

In an opinion piece published in Esquire [LINK HERE] he clearly demonstrates his ignorance of the proper meaning of the Second Amendment and declares his willingness to obey orders to murder American Citizens:
We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers.


What Bateman as a REMF* academic who has failed to understand is that the Second Amendment is not about sporting use or even self defense against violent criminals. The Second Amendment is an integral component of the Bill of Rights, which in turn clearly defines the relationship between the People of the United States and the Federal Government. The People are the political authority of the nation. And the Federal Government serves The People.**

A very fundamental failure on the part of Bateman is his apparent belief that his subordinates will simply follow orders without thought. The fact is that American soldiers do think. And they do act on the facts of reality they have identified. Alvin York and Audie Murphy did not receive the Medal of Honor for simply following orders. Both men identified the actions that were necessary on the field of battle and carried them out.

If Bateman, a socialist in our uniform, were to issue the order the real soldiers will identify him as a traitor and murderer and air him out.

I prefer one round in the head in the old Soviet style for that sort of action.

*. Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. Another distinctly military term.

**. Or we could say that The People rule and the government drools.


Anonymous said...

Bateman is an officer REMF, he is a POG. His army of homosexuals, minorities, feminists and drug addicts with an axe to grind against the system would not be able to offer much after the initial opening shots in an offensive. I'm sure they could hold a defensive posture as we have seen in Iraq for a time, but offensively, Bateman has over estimated his forces tenacity and will. I'd give this army in a war on the homeland a year at most before they hunkered in on their primate cities and megalopolises. Americans are pretty resourceful. The Bateman forces would be defeated in less than 8 years. He better hope he can bring in Russians, Chinese or NK to back him up.

Leslie Bates said...

For our non-military readers POG means Person Other than a Grunt.

Leslie Bates said...

And if Bateman brought in a foreign power for assistance then this becomes a World War.

And if they lose, they're dead.

Completely. Dead as the dinosaurs.