Friday, November 15, 2013

Ancient News

Back in April of 1994 when we still used dial up modems and held discussions in USENET newsgroups someone named Carol posted the following about The Resister on TALK.POLITICS.GUNS:

hold on there! before anybody subscribes, READ one of these things. i mean, the ENTIRE thing. i've read four or five over the last year and it all seems ok for a time. get way down into the guts of the thing and you start finding racial/racist crap.

I immediately replied:

Gee-Gosh-Wow "carol!" Could you *please* explain to us how you managed to read "four or five" issues "over the last year" of a newsletter that only been in print for *nine* months when I am still eagerly awaiting my grey copy of the fourth issue?

BTW, what is the number of your CPUSA membership card?

There is only one race on this planet -- THE HUMAN RACE.

A tribal collectivist -- be he a member of the Black congressional Caucus or of the National Socialist German Workers Party -- is someone who treats his particular ethnic heritage as an license to subjugate, plunder, and massacre anyone who is not part of his collective.

Tribal collectivists claim that they are exempt from the rules of civilized society. Let us take they at their word and cast them out of civilization and into the garbage dump of history.

Carol did not reply. But an idiot from Canada did:

She has better mail service than you?

Is it a monthly or bi-monthly set-up? If so, then 9 months will, in fact produce "four or five issues"...

What the HELL are you blathering about?! She's SLAMMING it for racism! You know, using a "particular ethnic heritage as a[n] license to subjugate plunder and massacre anyone who is not part of his collective"? Read the whole post before you go ballistic. You'll look like less of a clot...

As you can see, this idiot with delusions of mental superiority was not paying attention.

I responded:

Here are some clues *tovarish*:

1. I quoted the WHOLE post.

2. Since the "stupid cow" (as one of my friends called her) didn't give a specific citation for her accusation I assumed that the criticism (to put it politely) of the Black Congressional Caucus was one of the points that she was referring to. The RESISTER also condemns mandatory racial discrimination A.K.A "affirmative action."

3. The RESISTER is a quarterly newsletter. I am a subscriber. I am also the person responsible for posting the ASCII text of each issue on t.p.g. I receive e-mail and phone calls from people who believe that I actually have contact with the Special Forces Underground.

I once received a call from Tim Kern, a radio talk show host from Colorado (his program is syndicated by the USA Patriot Network, M-F 0500-0700 MT on Galaxy 6, Transponder 14, Audio 5.8 wideband) asking me if I could put him in touch with the SFU. Needless to say, I couldn't.

4. CPUSA = Communist Party USA.

5. *GEE-GOSH-WOW* Comrade Don!!! If you didn't sleep through classes you might know that *Racial Polylogism* was a distinguishing characteristic of the dogma of German National Socialism. That *Aryan Logic* told them that they were the MASTER RACE and that they could do anything they bloody well wanted to members of all other races. Any objections raised were dismissed as non-Aryan (English, Jewish, etc.) logic and thus were not binding upon themselves.

*Der Afrikanererstaznazis* of the Black Caucus refuse to accept the fact that chattel slavery was perpetrated by both Whites and Blacks. Blacks in Africa would raid neighboring tribes and sell their prisoners to White and Arab slave traders.

Instead, Black tribal collectivists choose to treat chattel slavery as the act of the "White Race" inflicted upon the "Black Race." treating this as a blank check to gain plunder and favors at the expense of non-blacks. Ignoring of course the fact that price for the sin of chattel slavery has already been paid -- IN BLOOD.

Unfortunately the vile institution of slavery was not destroyed but was instead nationalized. The program of the Democratic Party since the reign of Woodrow Wilson has been to inflict the German form of socialism (begun under Otto Von Bismarck and taken to its ultimate conclusion under Hitler) upon America. Hitler called his doctrine "Marxism without the Talmudic frills." What we have under the Clintonistas is National Socialism without the Aryan frills.

The dumb as a brick Marxists are still out there.


Anonymous said...

A throwback to the past... Oh, what a time that was... LOL!

Leslie Bates said...

Oh yes. Ripping the Reds was fun.