Thursday, November 7, 2013

Politically Correct Nonsense

David Hall, a friend of mine, sent me the following message. it is posted here with his permission:


Yesterday morning I came into my office at Bladen Community College to find specific web sites that I have accessed for over a year now blocked by the Barracuda Web Site Blocker. And why you might ask? Because they pertain to the category "Weapons."

I am at a college in a county who has an arms manufacturer. This same company employs machinists that this school wants me to train for careers in machining yet they desire to be PC and anti-gun.

I ran an e-mail up to the Dean and Executive VP and ask that it be rectified. If not, my contract expires on January 3.

I cannot and will not work for such a two-faced outfit.

Told you I needed a drink.


Unfortunately, in my state of health I can't afford to drink.

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