Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Is Not A Game

There will be a day when the true believers in African Racial Collectivism will look back on the present day as a golden age when the adherents of their doctrine could literally get away with murder.  That is the murder of any one who is not part of their racial collective.

This is not a new phenomena.  The original Ku Klux Klan, the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, rode about the South to murder Blacks and those Whites who were deemed to be traitors to the race.  Likewise the uniformed terrorist arm of the National Socialists went about attacking Jews and those deemed to be insufficiently Aryan.  Once in complete power over their nation and most of Europe the National Socialists proceeded to practice murder as an industrial process.

Even though there was an economic objective for the concentration camps the primary goal of the Holocaust was essentially spiritual.  The elimination of The Other, the extermination of those outside the Aryan Racial Collective.

A disturbing phenomena, which our present Mainstream Media refuses to report, is growing number of deliberate assaults by gangs of young Blacks against those persons who are not part of the African Racial Collective.  And there is special emphasis on attacking Jews in this series of attacks.

They call it the Knockout Game.

As with their Aryan precursors, African Racial Collective has developed a cultural contempt for The Other.  Those who are not identified as members of the collective are deemed to be nonhuman as thus subject to attack.  The Other, the Non-Africans, are simply attacked for the thrill of it with no material gains to be had.  Non-Africans are hunted and assaulted as if they were members of a non-sentient game species.

Given the African Racial Collective has begun to adopt National Socialist behavior it comes to no surprise that some of them are identified and treated as such.  Some victims have responded with deadly force and have wounded or killed some perpetrators.

As with the German National Socialists before them the African Racial Collective now has a martyr for their cause.  As with Horst Wessel of the NSDAP in Germany, the African Racial collectivists here in the United States have declared Trayvon Martin to be a martyr.  And their de-facto Marxist political overseers are backing them with the full posture of moral  righteousness.  But the posture of righteousness is not identical with simply being right.

The African Racial Collectivists and their backers are not only placing themselves in opposition to reality they have placed themselves in opposition to us who live by reason in reality.

I would expect them to fully pay the natural and proper penalty.

If the adherents of African Racial Collectivism continue to behave as old school National Socialists then we, Humanity in General, will have no morally valid alternative but to identify and treat them as such.

From the neck, in the Nuremberg style, of course

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