Monday, November 25, 2013

Munich II

I could start out by quoting George Santayana, but those of us who actually perceive and think already know the statement.

History is being repeated and we are condemned to witness it.

The fundamental problem with Barack Obama and those who aid and support him is that they see themselves as exempt from the reality that we perceive and understand.  The history of errors made by the Progressive movement is absolutely meaningless to them.  The wave of destruction and the death toll is completely blanked out.

Because of his deliberate inattention to history the sitting president had decided to repeat one of the greatest blunders of the last century.  The Munich Agreement of 1938 allowed a totalitarian state to proceed with their program of empowerment and aggression.  This in turn would lead to the most devastating war in recorded history.  The current agreement with Iran will allow the Iranian state to construct nuclear weapons and use them in their program of aggression.  This in turn will result in a far more devastating world war fought with chemical and nuclear weapons.

And there may not be someone left alive to record the history.

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